Two days before, Sabrina was enjoying her Saturday. It was like any other Saturday and of course she was feeling quite lazy. She woke up at about 10am to head to her local library. As she walked around the bookshelves, she thought to herself “This library sucks! They never have anything good to read.”

She picked up a book about Rosa Parks and headed to the checkout center. The screen said she owed a balance of $16. “Ughh” she said. How did the bill get so high? She stood at the screen in disbelief. Who the heck knows. Sabrina thought it was probably her sister who never brought the books back on time. “She is so irresponsible,” she said. Sabrina then asked the librarian for clarification. The woman stated that it costs $1 for every late day. “Geesh. This library is ripping people off,” she thought.

Sabrina decided to pay the bill and forget about the ordeal. “Lesson learned,” she grunted. After leaving the library, she headed home. She arrived at 11:15 am. She cleaned her room and got ready to go to the supermarket with her grandmother Lolita. This is their special time. They talk, laugh, gossip and have quality time. Sabrina also goes to get all her favorite snacks. Who would have thoughts two days later her life would suddenly erupt.

Adnan was talking to his wife about the lack of quality he spends with her. “I said I will get home when I get there. Stop bothering me.” He rolls his eyes as he pulls the way phone away from his ear. He is driving at 45 mph which is pretty fast for that area. The car smells of old McDonald’s and fries. The stale kind. The car is a mess. Metro newspapers and cigarette buds are on the floor. His wife is still nagging but her voice sounds like a mile away. His mind is elsewhere. He really wants to leave her but doesn’t know how to tell her. The light is red.. he waits. She calls him a deadbeat asshole. He loses it.

“Who the f**k you think you talkin to?”

He turns the corner but doesn’t see Sabrina.

“Oh shiit” “Omg, what did I do.” Omg””

Sabrina has her hands on my hood and her bag is on the floor. “WTF. Are you f***in blind??” You almost killed me.”

I ran out and apologized over and over. “Omg sweetie are you Ok? I didn’t see you”

“Of course you didn’t see me. You was talkin on the phone which is against the law. And on top of that you jumped the curb!”

“I’m sorry. There’s so much on my mind. I’m so sorry.”

A police man ran out of the corner store to access the situation. A crowd has gathered. A woman runs to him and tells him that I almost killed the young girl. I wish people would mind their own business. She made it seem like I did it on purpose. I’m a good person. This is all a mistake.

“Ma’am are you OK? Please sit down. Can you tell me what happened?”

The young girl sits down. I think her name is Sabrina or Septina. Something like that.

She tells the officer what happened.

Was I really going that fast? Did I jump the curb?

I feel weak. I could have killed that girl. This is all Onika’s fault. I need to divorce her ass and move on. I love her but I havene’t been in love with her in a few years. Have I ever loved her? I mean really loved her? I tolerate her but I can’t say that I enjoy her company. She is verbally abusive and a real pain in the ass. She doesn’t cook or clean. I need to leave. I have to leave….

“Sir, can you hear me?”

Oh shit I must have blacked out. Yes, I’m sorry. I can hear you. I can’t believe this is happening.

“You need to come with me.”

Later on that day

“Are you hurt?” OMG.

No I repeated. I’m fine. She continues to check me. I let her because she knows best. She is a sweet old lady.

She asked me for a complete rundown of the day. I gave her a play-by-play.

My sister walks in. “What the hell happened? Mummy called me really upset.”

I gave her a play-by-play.

“He will be paying for your IPOD. The least he could do.”

“Oh yea, he betta.”

“And your college education.”

That’s my sister’s witty humor.

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