Free Writing on 6/22
I cannot wait for my summer vacation to begin. Yes, I like this class but I would rather be at the beach. Yes, the beach would be so nice right now. The cool water on my skin, making me forget about the cruel sun. Ahhh I can feel it now. No, I’m in class. At Queens College. And this stupid bee keeps flying around. Its so annoying. That dumb buzzin sound is driving me nuts. I’m gonna scream. NO don’t! It is hard to surpress. I need to get it out. Ok, Sabrina, focus on something else. But what else? I know, your hand.
I am staring at my laeft hand that is on the paper as my write hand writes these words. My nail polish (pink) is chipping and that’s annoying because I just got this manicure. Why would it start to chip already? I will remember not to go back there. My right hand has my pointer finger on the top of the pen and my thumb is on the side of the pen. I think I write in a medium to fast pace. People tell me I write fast and sloppy. Screw them. Anyway, my nails are pink and so is this pen. I stole it from Melissa. I hope she doesn’t think she will get it back. Not gonna happen. I like the way it writes. Sleek and curvey. It doesn’t blot the ink on the page either. I hate when ink smudges. The pen is papermate. Is that a good brand? I guess so.

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