I rememeber how pissed I was when he almost hit me. I was so uspet because I was following all the rules on how to cross the street. You wait for the walk sign and then you poceed to walk across the street. I did all of those things. How can you really mess that up right? Simple instructions. So I began to walk. And then,a car jumps from around the corner and almost ended my life.
I remember telling my grandmother. Her expression was sheer shock and worry. I was still shaken up but I did not want to startle her. She put her hand on my shoulder and then started to check my body. “Are you hurt?” she repeated over and over. I told her no but she insisted on checking for cuts and bruises. She is no doctor but a very concerned parent. She is a nice woman with a heart of gold, even thoug she gets on my nerves 95% of the time. I told her my IPOD was broken and she said “He will pay for a new one. With an upgrade.” I was just happy to be alive.

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