Why is Narratolgy useful?

When I first entered this class I never  heard of narratolgy. It doesn’t even sound like a real word. But once I was introduced to Jahn it seemed as if stories just seemed to make more sense.  Every story that you have ever read, follows some form of narratolgy. I find that fascinating.  By this I mean that when i used to read books it was just to read it and get to the end but when I discovered narratolgy, I learned to read with depth and substance. You have to be aware of the point of view and who is telling the story. These clues are very important. I began to understand stories through a different perspectives. In my  personal opinion, narratolgy makes reading a book worth while because you are reading and know that you will be discovering something that the average person will overlook. When i used to read books, I would just read it because I was assigned it. One of my favorite books of all time is “A Catcher in the Rye” and knowing that book deals with one perspective, it makes it even more rich. Everything is told through the eyes of Holden. But after Jahn’s work, I question every descison the author made in writing the book. 

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