Final thoughts on Omaha Bigelow.

Igave this book 4/5  stars. I really enjoyed this book for the most part. I think the humor, the characters, and the location of the book kept my interest.  I love NY, so I am glad that it was based there. I loved the story line between Omaha and Marquita. I liked the way the story was written through the Point of View of  different characters. I love the comedy presented in the book. I felt that teenagers really do talk like that. I found the love story most interesting. I am glad that was added to make the book more relatable. Having magical realism in the book was good.  I felt that the book was a little too sexual at times.  It got really gross and crazy at times.  Also, there were too many characters in the book that didn’t really play much of a role in the plot. I hated the part when he talked crap about JK Rowling. What a jerk!!!

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