On June 13, we continued our discussion on Don Quixote by Cervantes. We took a closer look at this quote: ” The idea that this whole fabric of famous fabrications was so real established itself in his mind that no history in the world was truer forhim.” (27) When closely examining this quote, the reader can see that Don Quixote was so engrossed in this books that it became his reality. It is similar to when someone continuouslylies, then they will start to believe this lie whole heartily. Quixote was reading so much fiction that he did not know how to separatethe fictional world that he read about from his reality. As we all know, the imagination is a powerful thing. It can help you escape reality and become transported into another world. This is the magic behind books and storytelling. This quote shows that Quixote is completely lost in the fantasy world and is not able to differentiatethe two. For all we know, the story is real in his mind. The language used in the quote is very interesting. Fabric is a material that holds things together. It can be thick or thin but the purpose of it is the same. These stories/lies are woven together in Quixote’s mind and they are permanent. “[…]no history in the world was truer for him” reiterates this. Because Quixote does not understand fiction from reality, these stories are his reality and mission to conquer.

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