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I am very proud of my nonfiction prose class. English 211W. This class was taught by Professor Bobe. For an assignment, I wrote about meeting my mother at the age of 11. This was a very difficult time for me. I had no clue who this woman was and then she was suddenly in my life. It was a very surreal feeling. Writing the five page paper helped me put my feelings in perspective. I talked to my grandmother and asked how she felt about it. I was able to transport myself to how I felt back then. It was very freeing writing that piece.

Free Writing on 6/22
I cannot wait for my summer vacation to begin. Yes, I like this class but I would rather be at the beach. Yes, the beach would be so nice right now. The cool water on my skin, making me forget about the cruel sun. Ahhh I can feel it now. No, I’m in class. At Queens College. And this stupid bee keeps flying around. Its so annoying. That dumb buzzin sound is driving me nuts. I’m gonna scream. NO don’t! It is hard to surpress. I need to get it out. Ok, Sabrina, focus on something else. But what else? I know, your hand.
I am staring at my laeft hand that is on the paper as my write hand writes these words. My nail polish (pink) is chipping and that’s annoying because I just got this manicure. Why would it start to chip already? I will remember not to go back there. My right hand has my pointer finger on the top of the pen and my thumb is on the side of the pen. I think I write in a medium to fast pace. People tell me I write fast and sloppy. Screw them. Anyway, my nails are pink and so is this pen. I stole it from Melissa. I hope she doesn’t think she will get it back. Not gonna happen. I like the way it writes. Sleek and curvey. It doesn’t blot the ink on the page either. I hate when ink smudges. The pen is papermate. Is that a good brand? I guess so.

I rememeber how pissed I was when he almost hit me. I was so uspet because I was following all the rules on how to cross the street. You wait for the walk sign and then you poceed to walk across the street. I did all of those things. How can you really mess that up right? Simple instructions. So I began to walk. And then,a car jumps from around the corner and almost ended my life.
I remember telling my grandmother. Her expression was sheer shock and worry. I was still shaken up but I did not want to startle her. She put her hand on my shoulder and then started to check my body. “Are you hurt?” she repeated over and over. I told her no but she insisted on checking for cuts and bruises. She is no doctor but a very concerned parent. She is a nice woman with a heart of gold, even thoug she gets on my nerves 95% of the time. I told her my IPOD was broken and she said “He will pay for a new one. With an upgrade.” I was just happy to be alive.

Why is Narratolgy useful?

When I first entered this class I never  heard of narratolgy. It doesn’t even sound like a real word. But once I was introduced to Jahn it seemed as if stories just seemed to make more sense.  Every story that you have ever read, follows some form of narratolgy. I find that fascinating.  By this I mean that when i used to read books it was just to read it and get to the end but when I discovered narratolgy, I learned to read with depth and substance. You have to be aware of the point of view and who is telling the story. These clues are very important. I began to understand stories through a different perspectives. In my  personal opinion, narratolgy makes reading a book worth while because you are reading and know that you will be discovering something that the average person will overlook. When i used to read books, I would just read it because I was assigned it. One of my favorite books of all time is “A Catcher in the Rye” and knowing that book deals with one perspective, it makes it even more rich. Everything is told through the eyes of Holden. But after Jahn’s work, I question every descison the author made in writing the book. 

Final thoughts on Omaha Bigelow.

Igave this book 4/5  stars. I really enjoyed this book for the most part. I think the humor, the characters, and the location of the book kept my interest.  I love NY, so I am glad that it was based there. I loved the story line between Omaha and Marquita. I liked the way the story was written through the Point of View of  different characters. I love the comedy presented in the book. I felt that teenagers really do talk like that. I found the love story most interesting. I am glad that was added to make the book more relatable. Having magical realism in the book was good.  I felt that the book was a little too sexual at times.  It got really gross and crazy at times.  Also, there were too many characters in the book that didn’t really play much of a role in the plot. I hated the part when he talked crap about JK Rowling. What a jerk!!!

Final thoughts on Don Quixote

This was an OK book. I had never read a book where the main character was so crazy. At the beginning of the story I felt that the story was pretty fun. I mean being in an English class and reading a book about someone who is crazy about books was a very interesting concept. I loved the concept and once I began reading more and learned about all the crazy adventures he takes on the story became kind of annoying and hard to follow. I didnt like the idea of him fighting the windmills or killing the sheep. I did however enjoy the character of Sancho. I felt that even though he was  the side kick, I felt he did a better job in the book than Quixote.  I wonder if other people felt the same. I felt Sancho’s character was really entertaining. 

“But this doesn’t matter much, as far as our story’s concerned, provided that the narrator doesn’t stray one from the truth.” (Cervantes 25)

This quotation sheds light on the novel Don Quixote by Cervantes. The reader is confused as to whether we have a reliable or unreliable narrator when we read the text. Who should we trust? The narrator is considered reliable if he or she does not “stray from the truth”, but if they somehow do this then they are deemed unreliable.  At the same time, since the narrator is actually warning the reader that there is a possibility that there will be a stray from the truth, this can  make the narrator some what reliable since it is a warning. The narrator is therefore helping the reader. It is a contradiction that creates confusion for the reader but overall it makes the novel more entertaining because its an introduction to Don Quixote’s character. Quixote cannot differentiatereality from imagination. He believes everything that he reads so he can be labeled as impressionable. We (the reader) are unaware of what the truth is and what fiction is.  As the reader, we are reading through the perspective of the narrator but if the narrator is unreliable then what he/she is seeing can very well be fiction while Don Quixote’s perspective is the truth. Quotations like this that are throw in at the perfect moment really cause the reader to question everything that they read and it creates a more twists and turns in the book. The reader is constantly on his or her toes because the action is unpredictable, whether it is the truth or not, in terms of the speaker of the narrator.

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